One flight
Two lives
Forever loved
by us Earthbound.

-- Janet Peyton

Speakers from the Memorial Service, August 17, 2004

Travis Peyton

Janet Peyton

Katherine Wiedmann, reading Sunlight on the Garden

Lore Meyer-Peyton

Lynn Kerrigan

Barbara Westerberg

Andy Gellman

Mario Iasella

Thoughts from friends and family at the service:
Jeffery James Bryan Carpenter

Newspaper Obituaries (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Quinn Ralph Peyton

Kenneth Robert Meyer

Ongoing Submissions and Reading

Letter from Steve Schulte, November 5, 2004

Music is a thing of the heart by Karen Reynolds

The Bunnies in the Garden by Lore Meyer-Peyton
Tribute by Lore Meyer-Peyton
Shirts by Lore Meyer-Peyton

High Flight by John Gillespie Magee Jr

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