Music by Ken Meyer

These MIDI files are presented here exactly as Ken had recorded them, and should play back on software that supports the MIDI format, such as Windows Media Player.

We've generated mp3 files from the MIDI files so you can play them on any mp3-compatible player. The mp3 versions have been edited to clean up the beginnings and endings, and to give them all equal loudness. The mp3 files are much larger, so you may want to use the MIDI as a preview, then download the mp3 files that interest you. If you do download all of the mp3 files, they will just fit on a single CD.

PI59_001 PI59_001
FirstConversation FirstConversation
KM001P02 KM001P02
C99.3a C99.3a
MC042296 MC042296
Gavotte in D Gavotte in D
F090499A F090499A
IMP01-7_10_04 IMP01-7_10_04
Minuet in F Minuet in F
PI01_001 PI01_001
T&Vproposed theme in 6-8 T&Vproposed theme in 6-8
VP414_01 VP414_01
C99_3c C99_3c
PP200_03 PP200_03
F071900A F071900A

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